Lake George, CO

Average home sale prices for Lake George, CO is around $380k and is trending up. Most homes for sale have several acres of land with beautiful wooded lots.

Lake George sits in the Pike National Forest west of Ute Pass. The town got its start as a stage stop but soon became a hub for the Colorado Midland Railroad from Colorado Springs. Located about 37 miles west of Colorado Springs, the natural areas near Lake George have plenty to offer vacationers and property owners.

While world-class trout fishing is the main attraction, adventures also include viewing fossils and petrified redwoods at nearby Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, as well as scenic and historic tours of Elevenmile Canyon and the Tarryall Valley.

From Lake George, it’s just a short drive to the popular state park and reservoir. Here guests can camp, boat and fish, or hike on the five miles of trails surrounding the reservoir. Swimming and water skiing are prohibited, however, because the reservoir is a major water supply for Denver. While local water spots are renowned among anglers, birders love the abundance of wildlife. A lack of light pollution makes the Lake George area a prime spot to view the night sky. Head to Wilkerson Pass Interpretive Center and Picnic Ground, a scenic overlook and 1.1-mile trail just eight miles.

The Lake George, CO real estate market has very much picked up in home values. This is due to the population growth from neighboring towns such as Woodland Park, CO which as seen a huge surge in population growth since Charis Bible College moved to Woodland Park. With the increase in population, we will see Lake George, CO home values continue to increase. It’s a beautiful area to call home.

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