Springtime Gardening Tips for Home Sellers in Woodland Park

Spring is here, and that means the best time of year to sell a home is almost upon us. As a result, many people are working frenziedly to get their homes ready to list, but a lot of them make the mistake of concentrating on the inside of the home. The outside of your home … Continued

5 Things That Will Increase The Value of Your Home in Woodland Park

Everyone wants to see their home increase in value. And that goes especially for sellers who want to get top dollar. About 65% of homeowners believe their home value will go up over the next few years, but in these times of severe economic uncertainty, that’s not guaranteed. There are, however, some sure-fire ways to … Continued

6 Staging Tips To Help Home Sellers in Woodland Park

Homebuyers have grown accustomed to seeing and now expect to see picture-perfect, magazine-ready homes when they shop – both in listing photos and in person. And, besides, multiple studies have shown that staged homes typically sell faster and at better prices. Staging, then, is an essential element in preparing your home for listing and sale. … Continued

A Veterans Guide To Buying A Home In Woodland Park

Are you a veteran thinking of taking advantage of the VA loan program to buy a home? Well, congratulations! You do need to be aware, though, that the process of buying a home can be a little bit different for veterans, particularly if you plan to get a VA loan. But, on the other hand, … Continued

Negotiation Tips for Homebuyers in Woodland Park

As distasteful as it may be too many homebuyers, negotiating is an inevitable part of the homebuying process. For a house isn’t necessarily worth the price tag – it’s worth only what buyers are willing to pay for it.  Sometimes, you may strike a deal with the seller right off the bat, but, more often, … Continued

10 Things You Need To Do When Buying A House In Woodland Park

We all know that buying a house, whether for the first time or the tenth time, is a BIG financial step. Still, it’s usually a far more complex process than most first-time buyers realize. You have to figure out, for example, how much house you can afford, how many beds and baths you need/want, what … Continued

Coronavirus Precautions To Take When Buying A House In Woodland Park

Although the coronavirus has brought many businesses and industries to a stand-still, that’s not the case with real estate. Residential real estate was designated an essential business. As a result, mortgage applications have remained at about 75% of what they were at this time in 2019. Still, in order to remain virus-free and healthy, buyers, … Continued