5 Safety Tips For Woodland Park Homeowners Doing DIY Projects While At Home

Not only does renovating/updating your home make it a better place to live, but it also makes your home worth more. And if you plan to sell your home, that’s a very important consideration. In addition, if those home improvements are DIY projects, you stand to get a much better return on your investment, which is typically more elbow grease than money. Still, home-improvement projects aren’t always as easy and risk-free as they appear on TV. You do need to be careful and exercise some caution, especially now that we’re all going a little stir crazy from this self-quarantining. With that in mind, we offer these 5 safety tips for Woodland Park homeowners doing DIY projects while at home.

1. Buy or Build a First Aid Kit

If you’re careful, most of the time nothing will go wrong, Still, the potential is there, So the first thing you should do before beginning any Woodland Park DIY projects while at home is to buy or assemble a good first aid kit . . . just in case. Really, your first aid kit – bandages, burn ointment, antiseptic, anti-bacterial ointment, and so on – should be just as much a part of your project tools as you hammer and power saw.

2. Wear Proper Clothing and Protective Gear

Also, to stay safe while performing DIY projects while at home, you need to make sure you wear the proper clothing and the necessary protective gear. As for clothing, you should wear closed-toed shoes (preferably work boots), long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and gloves when you can. And make sure clothes are not too loose and baggy. Getting a shirt sleeve or shirttail caught in a table saw is an emergency room visit for sure.

Proper protective gear would include goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes at all times. And while using power equipment (which is typically extremely loud), you need hearing protection such as earplugs or earmuffs – the kind used for shooting are a good choice.

3. Inspect Your Tools

And always inspect tools, especially power tools, before using them. Using any kind of tool that isn’t in top operating condition always presents a risk. You wouldn’t want, for example, the head flying off your hammer while you’re using it. And you certainly shouldn’t use power tools if the cords aren’t in good shape and the kill switch isn’t working properly. So carefully examine every item before you use it.

4. Practice Ladder Safety

Of all the hazards Woodland Park homeowners encounter during projects while at home, ladders just may be the worst. The incidence of ladder accidents is high, and the injuries are often severe. So you must practice ladder safety.

Always make sure your ladder is securely planted on a level surface, and always test the stability before you climb up on it. In addition, home renovations experts recommend that you always have another person present when you use a ladder. The other person can steady the ladder and assist when necessary. Ladder safety should be paramount.

5. Read Directions/Instructions

This may sound way too obvious, but it’s something many of us don’t do. And that is to read directions and instructions. Not only will it keep you safer while you’re doing home-improvement projects while at home, but it can also save time and a lot of frustration.

So before installing that new hardwood floor, read the directions and thoroughly familiarize yourself with how to do it. Before turning on your new table saw, read the owner’s manual so that you will operate it safely. And don’t forget that YouTube is your friend: you can learn how to do almost any home project – safely and efficiently – there.

We hope you’ll benefit from these safety tips for Woodland Park homeowners doing DIY projects while at home. You need to be aware that not all home improvement projects will pay for themselves at sale time. But your local real estate agent can be a big help here. Your agent can advise you on the best project to increase your home’s value. Discover more about how our experienced agents can assist you. Call today: 719-480-8638!

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