5 Things You Can Do To Appeal To Generation Z When Selling Your House In Woodland Park

The real estate market is a complicated place that is built to appeal to constantly shifting demographics. The latest group of people growing into this market is Generation Z – generally defined as adults born around 1997 and after. With this expanding group of potential buyers on the horizon, here are 5 things you can do to appeal to Generation Z when selling your house in Woodland Park.

Basic Desires

Let’s start by looking at some of the major things Generation Z are looking for in their starter home.

Largely, members of Generation Z are primarily looking for single-family homes that provide privacy in a populated area. Think of this as the Fortress of Solitude; the hideaway tucked back just off the beaten path.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Generation Z is mobile and will be looking for a property that is move-in ready.

More Specific Features

Getting into more of the details, an open floor plan is highly desirable. Optimized traffic flow throughout the home helps pull everything together while separating spaces by function.

A backyard with a multi-functional space, patio, or deck is also a big plus when selling your house in Woodland Park. The idea here is to have a selected outdoor space for social gatherings that keeps everyone and everything in that one area of the property.

Finally, you may feel it’s a logical conclusion to throw as many smart devices in your home as possible, but this doesn’t really jive with the Gen Z mindset. Members of Generation Z have grown up using their smartphones, but they aren’t interested in packing as extra electronic devices in the home itself. It won’t hurt to look into some ROI from a smart thermostat, but don’t go all-out with colored lighting and smart plugs just yet when selling your house in Woodland Park.

Outside the Four Walls

Generation Z is always connected and on the move. If you want to appeal to this specific generation, make sure to highlight the location of your property and what’s immediately surrounding it.

Restaurants, bars, and gyms are all worth a mention.

Also if the community in which your property lies is fairly racially or ethnically diverse, lean into that hard when selling your house in Woodland Park. The more wide-ranging the possibility of activities in the area, the better.

Sell It As a Package

We’ve covered the points that are worth mentioning to generate some interest amongst the Gen Z crowd, but what matters next is how you present that information.

Gen Z focuses on experiences, not products, and inauthenticity or phony salesmanship can be sensed a mile away. You want to turn how living in the space feels into a major feature of your listing when selling your house in Woodland Park.

You’re better off being forward about the bare bones of the home (How old is the roof? Water heater? What appliances are available?) and letting cosmetics speak for themselves through listing photos.

Use Technology to Spread the Word

Generation Z is used to bringing the benefits of available technology into most of their lives. To make things more interesting, consider having your hired real estate agent create a 3D tour or video montage showing off what your property has to offer.

Next, with a worthwhile listing generated, the next step is to push that message out to your favored demographic. The best way to do this is through social media. Facebook is a great start, but some agents may be able and willing to show things off through other avenues, such as Snapchat or TikTok.

With those last two services, you can use a short video clip to help get the word out even further.

Professional Help Selling Your House in Woodland Park

Selling your home to a large and quickly-expanding demographic doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team can help you with selling your house in Woodland Park, so call us today at 719-480-8638 or send us a message!

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