5 Things You Need To Do Before Buying A Home In Woodland Park

So you’ve decided to buy a new home. Whether it’s a first home or an upgrade, it’s obviously not something you should jump into without any preparation or planning. Buying a home is probably the largest purchase you will ever make, and it will have financial implications for a long time, possibly in the next … Continued

5 Financing Options To Help You Buy A House In Woodland Park

The sheer number of financing options available to home buyers today can be more than a little overwhelming. It often takes a good amount of research for buyers to determine which option is best for them, for their particular life circumstances and financial position. Understanding the various options is the first step toward making the … Continued

4 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Woodland Park House In An HOA

Today, more homes than ever are part of homeowners associations (HOAs) – primarily because people like the extra security and improved neighborhood personality it affords. What’s not so great about having a house in an HOA is that selling it is more involved and more difficult. Besides having to make full disclosure of everything regarding … Continued

How Solar Energy Can Impact Your Taxes in Woodland Park

Tax day is just around the corner, and, like most of us, you’re probably scrambling to get everything ready. There is, however, a bright spot in all the anxiety and dread for some people. And that is the healthy tax breaks that come with solar-energy improvements – at local, state, and federal levels. So whether … Continued